How to activate my card?

To use your card, you’ll need to activate it first. You can do this in the app only after you connect your smartphone to your account. Or you can activate it directly from the webapp(new tab).

And if you live France, Spain, Ireland, Greece, Finland, Estonia or in the UK you must make your first payment using Chip and PIN. You can also first make a withdrawal or balance inquiry at ATM instead. Also, keep in mind that:

  • You need to physically have your card in order to activate it. You’ll need your 10-digit token number for this: it’s found below your name on the front of your card (or on the back if you have an N26 You, N26 Metal, or Maestro card). We’ll ask you for this number every time you contact us to prove it’s really you.

  • If you have multiple cards (for example, you ordered your card more than once or your delivery was delayed), you can only activate your most recent card. All other cards will be disabled. This is because you can only have one card per account (in addition to a Maestro card if you live in Germany, Austria, or the Netherlands).

  • You’ll need to follow these activation steps every time you reorder a new card, like if your card is lost, stolen, broken, or you upgrade your account.   

After you activate your card, the next step is choosing a card PIN.