How to top up my account?

You can top up your account via transfers.

To make a transfer, it must be in GBP. You’ll just need to provide your account number and sort code.

You should also know that for the transfer details, the recipient’s name must be your name as it’s written on the identity document you used to prove your identity.

N26 UK accounts are now enabled to receive BACS salary payments. This means you can provide your employer with your account details and they'll be able to process your salary into your N26 account. One thing to keep in mind: beginning January 4th 2019, other UK banks have up to 6 weeks to update their systems with our new information. This may result in your employer’s bank not being able to accept your N26 account details right away. If that is the case, we kindly ask that you contact your employer directly and request they speak to their bank to speed along the process.