Can N26 close my account?

In short: yes.

We can close your account in 2 ways (with 2 months notice or immediately). These cancellations are final: our Customer Support can’t provide any information about the background of individual cancellations nor can they reverse the decision. You’re also able to terminate your business relationship with us at any time, immediately, and without a reason. Any outstanding contract fees must be paid before the termination date.

2 months notice:

We have the right to terminate any business relationship with 2 months notice without a cause (see section A14.1 of our T&Cs).

Immediate cancellation:

We may also terminate any business relationship on an extraordinary basis (see section A14.2 T&Cs). That means: at any time, without prior notice, and without a cancellation period when there is reasonable cause for such termination. These include:

  • Providing incorrect statements to N26 about your financial situation, especially when you apply for a credit.

  • Failure to repay your loan or any debt toward N26.

  • Failure to comply with N26's requests about your loan.