What will happen to my UK N26 account?

With the UK having left the EU at the end of January, we will in due course no longer be able to operate in the UK with our European banking licence. Therefore we will be leaving the UK and closing all accounts in the coming months.

We’ve planned the next steps carefully to ensure this process is as smooth as possible.

What will happen next?

We will close all accounts on 15 April 2020, in line with our terms and conditions(new tab). Customers will shortly receive a formal termination notice. In the meantime, all account and app functionality will continue to work as normal, so customers can still spend or withdraw the money in their account. The money will continue to be protected up to equivalent of €100,000(new tab).


Can I still access my money?

Yes. All account functionality (including the app, your card and automated transactions e.g. direct debits) will continue to work as currently until the account is closed on 15 April 2020. 

Is my money safe?

Your deposits will continue to be protected under the German deposit guarantee scheme. Under the scheme, every N26 UK bank account is guaranteed up to the Pound Sterling equivalent of €100,000. You can read more here(new tab).

What actions do I need to take?

Key actions that you may want to take include: 

  • If you have money in your account (including in Spaces), please withdraw and/or transfer it to an alternative bank account ahead of 15 April 2020. 

  • If you have a negative balance, we ask you to top up your account. 

  • If you have any automated transactions on your account (e.g. direct debits or deposits/salaries) you will need to make alternative arrangements with another bank before 15 April.

After the 15 April, please be aware that any remaining debits that you have in place (including direct debits) will not be completed. You should make alternative arrangements to settle such payments.

How do I remove money from my account?

If you have money in your account, please transfer it to an alternative bank account. Click here(new tab) for more information on how to make a bank transfer in-app. You can also remove money from your account by ATM withdrawal (up to the daily limit) or by spending the money on your account via card payment. 

I have a negative balance, how do I top up?

If you have a negative balance, we ask you to top up your account by bank transfer. You can find your account details in the My Account section of the app.

I have a number of regular payments or credits on my N26 account; what should I do?

Regular or recurring payments on your account will no longer be supported after 15 April 2020.  Please make alternative arrangements for all recurring payments linked to your account, such as:

  • Repeating payments using your debit card (e.g. Netflix, gym membership)

  • Direct debits (e.g. utility suppliers, insurance premiums)

  • Where your debit card is stored in an e-wallet (e.g. PayPal, iTunes) 

  • Regular incoming payments (e.g. salary, dividends)

  • What happens if I receive a payment to my account after 15 April 2020?

  • The payment will bounce and be returned to the sender’s account. You will need to find an alternative method to receive the payment.  

What happens after 15 April 2020?

All UK N26 accounts will be closed on this date. Our customer support team will still be on hand to answer any questions you might have. This will be accessible through a page on the website, which will remain live. We will contact you to advise that the account is closed and if there are funds remaining explain how you can recover them.

I have money in my Spaces - do I need to move it?

Yes. Please make sure to check all of your spaces so that you withdraw all the money from your account.

Will I still be able to access my app and transaction details once the account is closed?

No. Once we close the account you will not be able to log into the N26 app or directly access historic account information. We advise you to download your N26 data(new tab) before the account is closed. If you require details of your account in the future you will be able to request this through the N26 website.

I don’t have another bank account so what should I do?

You can remove the money out of your account using your card at an ATM; please note this is subject to the daily withdrawal limit. If you are concerned about your ability to transfer your money, please contact our Customer Service team who will be happy to help you.

Will you keep my data after the account is closed?

We are required to keep certain data even after an account has been closed for legal reasons, which is in line with our publicly available data policies. You can find more information on the dedicated page(new tab).

Do I need to send back my N26 MasterCard?

You N26 MasterCard will be automatically deactivated on 15 April 2020. You do not have to send it back to us, and can safely destroy it.

I would still like to open an account in the UK, can I do so?

We will no longer be opening any new N26 accounts in the UK. 

Can I open an account in the EU?

Yes, once your UK account is closed, you can open an account in EU subject to our local terms and conditions. These include the requirement to have a residential address in the country for which you are looking to open an account.

Do you support Current Account Switch Service (CASS)?

No, N26 is not part of the Current Account Switch Service (CASS).

For our N26 METAL and N26 YOU customers:

With the Metal card I have insurance, is my insurance still valid?

Your Metal insurance will continue to be valid for journeys that begin before 15 April 2020. If you have a claim for an eligible journey, please contact Allianz, by email N26warranty.nl@allianz.com(new tab) or call 020 3481 4098.  If you are planning to make a journey after this date, we recommend seeking alternative arrangements for insurance coverage appropriate for your needs.

Will I still be charged fees for my N26 You or Metal account? 

We will stop charging membership fees for Metal or You from 14 March 2020 - the last month will be complimentary. 

Will I continue to receive the benefits of my N26 Metal/You account after 15 April 2020? 

No. After your N26 account is closed, you will cease to have access to the benefits, including LoungeKey membership and other partner benefits.