How long does it take to send money with TransferWise?

Once you've initiated your transfer via TransferWise you'll be given an estimated time frame.

If a TransferWise transfer fails, we’ll notify you via push message. The amount will automatically be returned to your account a few days later.

TransferWise doesn’t charge extra fees for a returned payment and neither do we. However, some participating banks do charge fees, in which case TransferWise will deduct this amount from the money returned under their Conditions of Use(new tab).

Common reasons for a failed transfer:

  • Error in the transfer details (for example, when entering the recipient’s name or account information).
  • Special characters or too many characters in the recipient’s name or reference field.
  • Limits have been reached or online payments aren’t active in card settings.
  • Foreign currency transfers aren’t possible with N26 Business or N26 Business You or if the recipient is a business account.