What is the maximum I can spend?

The maximum daily limits (total sum within 24 hours) for card payments are:

  • ATM withdrawals: €2.500 (or €400 in Togo, Congo, Benin, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Cameroon, Nigeria, Senegal and Algeria)
  • In-store or online payments: €5.000

You can set your own daily ATM withdrawal and payment limits within our limits directly in the app by tapping 👤 My Account then Card settings.

The maximum limits for bank transfers are:

  • Incoming SEPA transfers: No limit (€100.000 limit for Instant SEPA transfers)
  • Outgoing SEPA transfers: No limit

The maximum monthly limit (total sum) for card transactions refers to the past 30 days at any given point in time and is €20.000*.

*a monthly limit of €10.000 applies to ATM withdrawals for customers who opened their account in France.