How to revoke my consent to be visible as an N26 user?

To carry out real-time transactions such as MoneyBeams or money requests, N26 matches your contact data with other N26 users.

Here you can learn how this works and how you can revoke the permission to be visible as an N26 user.

All of your contacts who have an N26 account will be marked with a blue dot in the in-app contact list. In the same way, you’ll also appear in the list of other users who have your contact data with a blue dot beside your name. Your contact list is not permanently stored by N26 and is only used when accessing the MoneyBeam feature.

When a MoneyBeam is initiated only the sender and the recipient sees the other party’s name, email or phone number, reference text and transaction amount. The sender will see the recipient’s name as they’ve stored it in their contact list. The recipient sees the sender’s name as it’s stored at N26.

However, if you want to revoke your consent to be seen as a N26 user, you can simply go to 👤 My Account in the app and selecting Settings then Personal Settings and Personal information. Then just uncheck the box “I agree to be identifiable for other users as N26 customer”.