What is N26 Instant Savings?

N26 Instant Savings is an easy-access savings account that’s 100% flexible and available at no extra cost in the N26 app. You can earn interest on your savings, and instantly withdraw anytime, without losing any interest you’ve already earned. To sign up for N26 Instant Savings:

  1. Login to the N26 App
  2. Tap on Finances
  3. Tap the piggy bank icon
  4. Read and accept the T&Cs

Grow your money

The interest is calculated daily and paid out monthly. In Germany, your interest rate depends on your membership type:

  • N26 Standard: 1,26% p.a.
  • N26 Smart: 2,26% p.a.
  • N26 You: 2,26% p.a.
  • N26 Metal: 2,6% p.a.

Withdraw & deposit money anytime

No need to lock your money away, you can deposit and withdraw any amount in seconds via the N26 app, as often as you like.

No extra fees

Open your Instant Savings account with just a few taps in the N26 app — at no extra cost.

100% flexible

With no minimum or maximum* deposit and no penalties for withdrawals, you’re free to save at your own pace.

Am I eligible for N26 Instant Savings?

If you see the option to sign up for N26 Instant Savings in the mobile app, you’re eligible! You’ll need:

  • The latest version of the N26 App
  • German T&Cs and a German IBAN
  • A valid legal address in Germany
  • A valid tax ID. After opening your N26 account, it can take up to 5 working days until we’ve verified your tax ID and you can start using Instant Savings.

Learn more about Instant Savings in out dedicated article: N26 Instant Savings - FAQs

Note: If you have our Spanish T&Cs and a Spanish N26 IBAN, please refer to our dedicated article here: What is N26 Instant Savings?

*Your money held at N26 accounts are protected up to €100,000 by the German Deposit Protection Scheme.