What is N26 Instant Savings?

N26 Instant Savings is an easy-access savings account that’s 100% flexible and available for free in the N26 app.

You can earn interest on your savings, and instantly withdraw anytime, without losing any interest you’ve already earned.

Grow your money

Earn 2.26% AER (2.26% annual NIR) interest on your balance. The interest is calculated daily and paid out monthly.

Access anytime

No need to lock your money away, you can deposit and withdraw any amount in seconds via the N26 app, as often as you like.

No extra fees

Open your Instant Savings account with just a few taps in the N26 app — for free.

100% flexible

With no minimum deposit and no penalties for withdrawals, you’re free to save at your own pace.

N26 Instant Savings - FAQ