How to file a complaint?

If you ever feel dissatisfied with one of our products or services, our support team is here to help. Please tell us more about the problem you're facing in relation to your N26 account.

You can send us an email from your registered address to or send your feedback by post.

If you opened your account before April 17th 2019 and therefore your IBAN starts with DE, the email must be sent to instead.

To file a complaint, please include:

  • your full name and address

  • the product or service you're not happy with

  • a description of your concern

  • the date in which the problem first appeared

We will contact you via email to confirm that we've received your complaint. Then, we will begin an investigation to find a solution you’re happy with. In case we need more information from you or we can provide you with an immediate solution, we'll let you know via email as well. If we are facing any delays by waiting for further information, it may affect the date by which we can resolve your complaint.

Our final response will explain to you whether or not your complaint has been upheld and the reason why.

We will send our final response over to you within 15 business days, following the day that we received your complaint. If for any reason we couldn't provide a final response within that time, we'll send you an email to explain why there's a delay and provide another date by which you can expect to receive the resolution. Our final response will be sent out no later than 35 days if your IBAN is German and one month if your IBAN is Spanish, following the date we received your complaint.

In case we're not able to find a solution you're happy with, you can escalate your complaint to the Banco de España by contacting their complaint service Departamento de Conducta de Mercado y Reclamaciones(new tab), located in calle Alcalá 48, 28014 Madrid.

Here you can find the legal references:

EU Online Dispute Resolution(new tab) General Rules of transaction transparency and customer protection(new tab)

We are committed to constantly improving our products and services. Your feedback makes this possible. Thank you.