How to close my account?

To cancel your N26 account, please send your request via email to from your registered email address including the following information:

  • A statement requesting the closure of your account on a specific date or ASAP

  • Your name

  • Your N26 IBAN (or account number/sort code in the UK)

  • If you have a positive balance in your main account or your Spaces, we also need an IBAN within SEPA (or account number/sort code in the UK) to transfer your remaining balance.

Or you can reply using our cancellation form (or this form for UK).

A few things to consider when closing your account:

  • Your account balance must be zero in order to close your account. For a quick account closure: if you have a positive balance, please transfer your remaining balance yourself. If you have a negative balance, top up your account.

  • All outstanding fees are due immediately. This includes fees related to express delivery, and N26 You or N26 Metal (if applicable).

  • Destroy your cards by cutting them with scissors or a shredder. The chip, NFC antenna, and the magnetic strip should all be cut into pieces and disposed of separately.