How does N26 Invest work?

N26 Invest allows you to manage your investments with the close cooperation of four companies. There are three investment strategies (up to three for each risk category):

  • Invest 80: Offers the highest potential returns with a high risk.

  • Invest 60: A balance of risk and potential returns.

  • Invest 40: Lower potential returns with a lower risk.

  • Review: Swipe right to Savings & Investment to review the performance of your investment plan. You can adjust, pause, or stop monthly payments, or make additional one-off deposits. The graph shows you the past performance of your investment as well as a forecast for the future.

  • Withdraw: You can withdraw money from your investment account at any time. The amount available is displayed directly in the app. If you want to withdraw your entire balance, you must close your investment account completely. Once you have confirmed this via push message, your balance will be transferred to your N26 bank account.

  • Fees: Fees are simple and straightforward: depending on the size of your total deposits, we charge you quarterly (either a fixed monthly amount or a monthly percentage of your deposits). These fees could also be affected by capital gains, dividends, and taxes.

By the way: N26 Invest is an investment product and therefore entails a risk of capital loss, including loss of the original deposit. You can find more information in our N26 Invest T&Cs.

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