How to create and manage standing orders?

When setting up an outgoing transfer in either the N26 app or Web app you’ll have the option to make it a standing order.

Once you complete the outgoing transfer you'll then be prompted to tick a box which will create a standing order. After you've inputted the amount of the transfer and its recipient, under the reference text field select "Want to save this as a standing order?". From here you'll be able to set the start/end dates of the standing order and choose its payment intervals.

To view your scheduled transfers and standing orders directly in the mobile app:

  1. Go to your transaction list (the main screen).

  2. Then tap and hold the screen just above the top transaction and drag downwards.

  3. A new blue window will appear with all of your scheduled transfers and standing orders.

Here you can cancel and/or modify the details of your standing order. To cancel it just tap the standing order you wish to delete and tap the trash icon in the top right-hand corner.

ℹ️  Please note, if a standing order fails we'll not attempt the transfer again - you'll need to manually send the transfer, however the next scheduled transfers will proceed as normal.