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Featured articles

Acceptance of your new N26 Bank IBAN

This article explains why some of your payment partners may not accept your new IBAN after you have transferred your account to N26 Bank, and what to do about it.

About N26 Credit

Learn how you can apply for a personal loan offer directly in the N26 app to increase your financial flexibility.

Closure of NUMBER26/Wirecard accounts

On January 10, 2017, all NUMBER26/Wirecard accounts that were not successfully transferred to N26 Bank were closed. This article explains the reason and implications of the account closure, as well as the next steps.

About N26 Business BETA

Learn more about N26 Business BETA, a new account type for our self-employed and freelance users.

About N26 Black

Learn more about N26 Black, a membership account that gives you access to exclusive benefits and comes with our most modern Mastercard yet.